Lockdown Bar

The Lockdown Bar and Grill is the only bar in Chicago that can guarantee that every second of every day there will be an amazing concert rocking out the joint. How? The Lockdown has dozens of plasma televisions set up throughout the bar playing the best rock concerts ever caught on film to make you feel like you are there live.

This amazing experience is coupled with amazing food, great beer, terrific drink deals, and excellent service so that you can watch Iron Maiden rock Rio while you eat lunch, Metallica perform S&M with the San Francisco Symphony as you party on Friday night, and the Rolling Stones at Wembley as you swear off last nights hangover with a Bloody Mary.

Come visit our bar in the Ukrainian Village on Western Avenue and rediscover the best music from the best bands since rock n roll changed music as the Lockdown changes what it means to enjoy great music at a bar.


Dear Kathy,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing on behalf of Lockdown Bar and Grill in regard to your email. First of all, I wanted to let you know that what is pictured in the mural is not a salute to Satan; your interpretation is incorrect. The artist pictured in the mural is Ronnie James Dio, one of the most renowned metal artists, giving the “metal horn” sign, which he is credited with developing. If you follow the link below, it will give you the definition and meaning of the sign, see number 1 and 2:


In laymen terms, the sign means, “rock on”. That being said, we will not be changing the mural and we hope that you understand the true meaning of the symbol now. We have also received no other complaints, just compliments regarding the artwork. 

We can also state whole heartedly that Lockdown Bar and Grill has not brought negative energy into the neighborhood, we proudly serve families, police officers, fireman, professionals, metal heads, and students and we can promise you that they do not create havoc in the neighborhood. Not to mention, we could not be more proud to be recognized as a Safe Haven by the Chicago Police, A Safe Haven “is a place, usually a business, where youngsters, senior citizens and other individuals in need can go for help. Safe Havens are identified by window decals or posters provided by the City”. We have been a Safe Haven for over a year now, we were awarded this privilege around the same time the mural went up. 

I can also tell you that the Humboldt Park Neighborhood, in which you live and we are located, has seen a drop in violent crime rates by %40 percent since last year, which strongly suggests otherwise, that our mural has not brought negative energy to the neighborhood. See the attached link to see how the “quality of life crimes and property crimes” rates have also dropped since last year.


This is great news for our neighborhood!!! We believe that much of this is due to the increase of thriving businesses, including Lockdown, that are succeeding in the area making your property value go up and the area safer.

I can also say that Lockdown is about the “burgers” and the metal music that many people love, and those who do not, can order our amazing food to go.  See the below press links that feature Lockdown’s amazing food, what we are known for:

Chicago’s Best
Check Please
NBC National

We have a ton of great press that can be seen on our website, I hope  that you take the time to read some of them so you get a better understanding of Lockdown. I also wanted to mention that we are currently running a blanket and bed drive for the Chicago Animal Shelter, where many homeless animals are housed.  There will be a fundraiser on Dec 18th to raise money for the shelter and we would love for you to take that opportunity to come to Lockdown for the event, to allow you to get a true understanding of Lockdown and what we are trying to do for the neighborhood.  I have attached a flyer for the event.
The Lockdown Bar and Grill Team
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